Downtown Radiology, Certified Medical Diagnostic Imaging Centre in Vancouver

Established in 1980 in the heart of Vancouver, in historic Chinatown district, Downtown Radiology, a group of accredited Medical Imaging Professionals and certified radiologists in Vancouver operates with a simple mission of providing the best medical diagnostic services to patients and family physicians.

Now after 30 years, with another location at Robson Square, we are proud to be an state of the art complete digital medical diagnostic imaging centre that can offer the very best.

Robson Square Radiology has been a pioneer in osteoporosis management.
We are the one and only diagnostic centre authorized to perform Bone density examinations in Downtown Vancouver.
We offer onsite scan testing using a state-of-the-art digital bone densitometry machine with fracture risk assessment and Vertebral fracture assessment.

We assess all Metabolic bone disorders.

Our expert Radiologists in Vancouver Branches and fully trained staff members ensure exact and precise examinations and your referring physician will receive the accurate result.